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Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

Our Mission

It is the mission of this church to help build God's Kingdom. This mission is accomplished through the preaching of the Word, the making of disciples, and providing ministry to the whole person. We desire to be that beacon of light in a dark world. It is also our mission to create an atmosphere whereby each person from every walk of life can experience an encounter with the true and living God that salvation, healing, and deliverance will take place. We are committed to seeing lives Changed, Unity within the Body of Christ, Personal/Corporate Spiritual Growth, and Kingdom Excellence! (Luke 4:18-19)

EMBC Vision Statement

The Vision of EMBC is to present Christ in a contemporary, creative, caring and credible way so people can grow in their full potential in Christ.

Contemporary We will continue preparing the people of EMBC for the shift. We will utilize technology to its fullest potential in order to communicate to this post modern era. Use of technology inclusive but not limited to, the web, social media, music, drama, video and audio opportunities.

Creative To be deep thinkers and risk takers without compromising the integrity of the faith and also to dare to be different, getting out of our boxes and "TAKING THE LIMITS OFF GOD!" "We will speak more of who we are in Christ and what we have the potential to be.

Caring To move forward in a caring and loving way and to be willing to show the love of Christ in practical ways: To be patient and generous to all people in the body of Christ.

Credible To maintain credibility and integrity while ministering to the masses in every aspect of ministry.

A contemporary, creative, caring and credible ministry pursuit is how this season of ministry in Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church will be defined... to make a healthy church healthier.